Mainstreet Almonte Attraction and Promotion (MAAP) promotes Downtown Almonte and assists communication between festivals, organizations, the Town, and the downtown community. You might know us from such initiatives as: Mill Street Money, EGGScapade, and Art of Living ads. Interested in helping keep Almonte a thriving, friendly town? Whether you have an hour a week or time for only one event, drop us a line! At the least you’ll get to know some fun people.   Contact

MAAP (Mainstreet Almonte Attraction and Promotion) and its active volunteers believe strongly in the value of the Downtown Almonte shopping experience and the quality of community life in this part of Mississippi Mills.  MAAP activities, and the MAAP brand, are intended to communicate these strong community values, the warmth of local businesses people and citizens, and the downtown experience.  For MAAP the downtown streetscape is as much about business as it is about a gathering place for families, artists, and various celebratory events and festivals.

MAAP’s target audiences include:

  • Local residents
  • Downtown business community (owners and organizations)
  • Governments at different levels
  • Local festival and event organizations
  • Local artists and arts organizations
  • Developers
  • Prospective residents
  • Current and prospective tourists and tourism organizations

To create focus and to assist with priority setting, the MAAP Strategy for 2010-11 is built on seven key themes

  • Telling Almonte’s story
  • Making connections in Downtown Almonte
  • Enhancing Almonte’s Streetscape
  • Business Support and Attraction
  • Effective Governance
  • Effective Partnering